We have an increasing number of undergraduates and grad students coming to Searchfunder seeking internships.


You can always post your internship on Searchfunder on the Jobs board. Interns will also make introductory posts on Searchfunder seeking internships. If you're not getting the right flow of interns, please let us know as we'll start reaching out on your behalf.

Once your allotment is full, please inactivate your position on the Jobs board by clicking Edit Listing then toggling to inactive under the listing status. (Here is the FAQ),

We encourage you to obey the wage and hour employment laws for your locality.


  • I highly recommend the following steps for interns:

    1. * Do use your referral link to sign up your intern. It is located:
    2. (i) at the bottom of most of the emails we send you.
    3. (ii) on your account dashboard ( go to the main menu ► next to your upper right profile pic, then account >>billing>>subscriptio
    1. * Make sure that their profile description indicates that they are an intern with your search fund.
    2. * Update your search fund profile so that they are attached as an associate.
    3. * Use your business credit card for their sign up. If you do not use your card, please let them know to seek reimbursement for any Searchfunder invoices directly from you. We have a strict no refunds policy.
    4.     *   Help them avoid charges on the monthly plan by telling the interns to either scan the bottom of their emails periodically for their free access status or calendar the day before their free access status ends to ensure they are posting/commenting in time to avoid a charge.
    5. * As interns likely don’t know much about search funds, here are a few ideas on what to comment on:
    6.     * The posts that you make
    7.     * Any of my posts under this link:
    8.     * Any of the posts here:
      * Encourage them to attend any intern meetups and our Get to Know Searchfunder sessions.
    9. * Encourage them to use their referral link to sign up the next interns.

    End of the internship

        Remind your interns to cancel. A few broke and frantic undergrads who forgot about their membership and then got charged have reached out to us for refunds. We have a strict no refunds policy unless it is a billing error on our part. Another few have disputed the charge without contacting us causing unnecessary headaches for all. We want both you and your interns to have a great experience.

    Let us know if there is anything we can do to make internships work better for you. Please reach out to us in the Message Center or email us at THIS POST WAS HELPFUL TO YOU, PLEASE LIKE OR COMMENT BELOW TO ASSIST OTHERS IN LEARNING THIS INFO.