With the start of June comes the time honored tradition of the quest for an internship. An internship is a wonderful way of building experience for a career, gaining new skills and assessing whether a career avenue is right for you. So, our tip of the week provides instructions for how to find an internship on Searchfunder.com and, if you are a searcher, how to find an intern. To learn more about search funds and Searchfunder,com, click here. Also, please note we have listing for CFO, CEO and other positions on Searchfunder, too!


1) Go to Jobs

Click browse jobs on the main menu ► located next to your upper right profile picture or Jobs on the top toolbar on your Timeline page

2) Select the position and click apply

Note: Jobs may seek only local candidates (Local Only), remote candidates or both.

3) Upload your resume.

You may also submit a cover letter in the optional field. Do not provide any highly confidential personal or business information.

4) Track your applications.

Click the resume sent filter to see to whom you have applied.

Searchfunder is not a third party beneficiary of or liable for any agreements made between the applicant and the requestor. Searchfunder is not responsible for any fees, taxes, costs or damages related to any arrangement between the intern and the requestor.


1A) Click on my job listings

Go to the main menu ► located next to your upper right profile picture or click Jobs on the top toolbar of your timeline page

1B) click + post job

Click the post menu on the top of your Timeline.

Click post a job.

3) Create your Job Listing.

Complete the form and feel free to upload a PDF description of the position.

Note: You may track your Job Listings by clicking the my listing filter to the left of the Jobs page.

4) Remove your Job Listing.

To remove a job, switch it from active to inactive status.

As the internship or job requestor, you are responsible for following all applicable taxes, fees, laws, rules and regulations related to internships, apprenticeships, employee or independent contractors.

Also, please remember what it was like to apply for internships. Try to respond to our interns in a timely manner.