We're you're online toolkit to help support you during the uphill climb toward successfully buying and operating a stable, profitable business. Searchfunder.com is an online community that supports searchers seeking to buy a profitable business that they can run. Searchers now have an online hub of operators, investors, lenders, intermediaries/brokers, lawyers, accountants, insurers and other professionals who are familiar with search funds and who want to support the community.

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Information about entrepreneurship through acquisition and search funds was traditionally accessible only to a select group of elite MBA students. Searchfunder.com has been painstakingly built from scratch, exclusively for the global search fund community.

Our Searchfunder community contains real people seeking to accomplish one of the most stressful and largest tasks of their careers -- buying a company to run. To get that task done, searchers need to connect with other searchers, investors, lenders and professionals. While knowledge of the model is growing, it is time-consuming and labor intensive to identify -- on your own -- reliable resources that are knowledgeable and supportive of search funds. Luckily, Searchfunder has done that leg work for you.

Most searchers have a finite time to ramp up their search operation, then conduct their search for an acquisition target and finally to successfully close a deal. It's time-consuming enough to educate family, friends, networks and business owners about search funds. Thus, searchers should save as much time as possible on the other significant milestones on their journey: addressing ramp-up issues, connecting to funding sources, and accessing knowledgeable professionals.

We are a community of about 4000 members (and growing!) devoted to the search fund model. Our community also includes operators who have successfully acquired one or more businesses. Operating Searchfunder.com so that it remains a vibrant, active and helpful community takes round-the-clock sustained effort and, yes, money. Your fee helps to cover our hard costs to make the community work well for you.

^[redacted]‌, ^[redacted]‌ and ^[redacted]‌ strive each day to make Searchfunder.com a better community. We welcome your feedback in building a community that serves you better.

Thus, if you are a searcher or someone who can provide investment or professional support to our searchers, Searchfunder.com is the place for you.

Searching is better together.