Hello Searchfunders!

For the next three months, we are piloting an expanded partnership with BVR to provide unlimited access to all their 45,152 transactions* from their DealStats platform. The transactions cover a wide range of industries and include the most complete financials on acquired companies in both the private and public sectors.

It's a big financial commitment for Searchfunder and continuing beyond the pilot will largely depend on how many of you use this feature. Over the last year, IBISWorld usage was about twice that of BVR. We'd like to see usage comparable to IBISWorld to continue beyond the pilot.

You can access all 45,152 transactions from DealStats under the BVR-Transactions tab at the top of this page. Here is the direct link:


Please take a look and give us your feedback in the comments below. Detailed feedback is way more helpful than just saying "thanks."

As always, please help us spread the word. :-)

With Best Wishes,

^Searchfunder member

*transactions are updated daily. Commercial usage rate limits apply.