We are proud to announce Searchfunder's new partnership with Business Valuation Resources to provide BVR’s flagship product, DealStats (formerly Pratt’s Stats) to the Searchfunder community. DealStats is the largest database of complete, auditable private and public company financial statements and deal terms in the world. The data and methodologies are also the basis for countless partnership agreements, buy-out terms, fairness opinions, and other business agreements where interested parties must come to terms on the value of privately-owned business assets. Searchfunder expects to launch the BVR DealStats integration by the end of the first quarter of###-###-#### This integration will be available to all members of Searchfunder.

This new partnership follows quickly on the heels of our recent partnerships with IBISWorld Industry Reports for expert industry market research and HubSpot for Entrepreneurs which offers a full suite of marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software.

Our goal is and has always been to address the key friction points that make it tough for our searchers to effectively search for and acquire a profitable business. Procuring solid industry and deal information has been an exceptional challenge for our search funds. Unlike big investors and major private equity firms that make multiple investments per year, our searchers are utilizing some of these tools for relatively short durations for perhaps a single transaction during their career. Thus, these high costs put some vital tools well out of reach, especially for our self-funded searchers for whom every penny saved increases the size of the business they can afford to buy.

With these 3 partnerships, our searchers will receive a substantial savings on the cost of running a search. For instance, an annual subscription to DealStats currently costs $1,050 per year with a guest day pass costing $365. An annual subscription for IBISWorld Reports can set a searcher back by $4,000. With HubSpot's Entrepreneur Friendly Pricing, the average savings is $5,500 in the first year.

This savings is on top of the many other features we offer our Searchfunder members, including:

All of these features are currently available to searchers as part of our paid subscription service which is "free - if you post or comment." This ground-breaking subscription model sprung from the unique "paying it forward" culture of the search fund community. Each member contributes to each other's success by either contributing their knowledge or helping to cover the hard costs of providing the service (such as the servers, licenses, partnership agreements, etc). With "free - if you post or comment," our cost conscious members pay a subscription amount that fits both their time and budgetary constraints.

If you have ideas for other resources that would be useful to Searchfunder members, feel free to comment below or DM us.

Searching is Better Together!

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