Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback on the IBISWorld reports for searchers. We are proud to announce that the 1 month trial was so successful that Searchfunder and IBISWorld have reached an agreement to make IBISWorld reports an ongoing feature of

Each IBISWorld report typically costs around $900. So, we expect these reports to add great value to your membership and help speed you along the path to finding a great company to buy. This benefit is only available to our members who are actively seeking a company to buy and who have declared their searchfund on our map.

We're really excited about entering into our first strategic relationship with a company like IBISWorld that provides such excellent value and service for our members. We always say that Searching is Better Together and we meant it.

Next week, we will host Q&A session on industry reports with ^Searchfunder member‌n of IBISWorld in addition to who will be a big part of the IBISWorld-Searchfunder team. So, please Save the Date for Wednesday September 9th at 11 am (Pacific).

Stay tuned for more good news — such as reports for searchers around the globe.

5 pm Update:

In addition to the USA reports, here’s the list of IBISWorld reports that are now live from around the globe: Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, China, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, and Global.

January 2023 Update:

Now everyone has unlimited IBISWorld access: