Our Deal Exchange, the deal sharing platform, makes it easy for our active members to share deals and to ferret out who are the serious prospects. Watch the video above or read below for more details.

How it works.

1) The first person to view a deal on Searchfunder.com views it for free. Thereafter, the price of viewing a deal incrementally rises. That way, only the most interested individuals click on the deal. You're informed of the number of viewers and the amount at the bottom of the deal tile. We do not provide refunds.

(The person who posts the deal receives the bulk of the payment, thus, giving brokers and intermediaries feedback on what deals searchers are most interested in. Searchfunder does not take part in the successful deal transaction.

2) You can filter deals using the white toolbar below the green toolbar.

How to post a deal.

1) Go to the main menu and then click deal exchange in the deals section.

2) Click on + deal in the upper right side of your page.

3) Click on Find a buyer.

* If you want to buy the company, check our tip sheet: Matching Your Deal to Investors & Lenders,

4) Choose between whether you represent the company exclusively or can make a personal introduction.

5) Complete the form and click Add Deal.

6) For anyone who expresses interest, you can direct message them on Searchfunder by clicking on their profile picture.

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