Hi, Searchfunder Searchers and Operators!

We have some exciting news to share - Searchfunder is now an Approved HubSpot for Entrepreneurs Partner!

This means, if you're eligible, you can now apply to receive the Entrepreneur Friendly Pricing to HubSpot's growth stack software package (All-in-one CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Services plans). This is an average savings of $5,500 in the first year!

NOTES: To speed up the approval process, please add your search fund name to the search fund map. You can add it under search tools on the main menu ► next to your upper right profile pic. The discount cannot be applied retroactively to an account already under a subscription contract with HubSpot.


* Search Discount: Self-Funded searchers receive 30% off the HubSpot CRM platform in their first year, and 15% off ongoing

Apply For Your Scholarship Today - Apply to get started using HubSpot at the scholarship rate.

No retroactivity. Once you opt for this selection, you cannot switch. So, if you are pursuing the traditional search route, please wait until you are funded to apply for the discount.

* Post-Acquisition Discount: Once an acquisition occurs, self-funded searchers are eligible for a 90% discount in Year 1, 50% in year 2 and then a 25% off each year thereafter. NOTE: So that we remain in good standing with HubSpot, please do not request this discount until after you have committed capital (e.g, Investor Subscription Agreement) for an acquisition.


Keeping in line with the start-up-type model. traditional searchers are eligible to receive a 90% discount in Year 1 once their fund has been raised. They then receive a 50% off Year 2 and 25% off discount in Year 3 and beyond. As a traditional searcher, please apply using the link below and then provide your funding information to Walter Mannino at Apply to get started using HubSpot at the scholarship rate.

NOTE: TO ENSURE YOU ARE PROPERLY QUALIFIED. PLEASE USE THE LINK ABOVE. Also, additional terms and conditions as set by HubSpot may apply.


Here are additional links for your convenience to get started using HubSpot today:

    Searchfunder live tutorial : https://hubspot.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/YBN2o9NJWfcUBYcaL5duFP?

    Education - Learn Sales, Marketing, and Services best practices for startups

    HubSpot Demonstration - Join a Startup Group Demonstration to learn how 6,000+ startups use HubSpot's software to grow their companies.

If you have any questions about the scholarship, education, or anything related to HubSpot, please email --@----.com HubSpot partnership follows quickly on the heels of our IBISWorld partnership, providing industry reports for around the globe to our searchers. We continue to seek partnerships and collaborations to make your search more effective and efficient. Let us know if you have ideas on potential partners. Afterall, ...

Searching is Better Together!

All the best,

Karen, Luke & Mark

How to Apply

Step 1) Click on the application link to create your account.

Step 2) Add your search fund details - Make sure your Company is listed on your Searchfunder profile. If it's not, your request may be denied.

Step 3) Select Your Partner Funding Level. Searchfunder will automatically be filled for you.

Step 4) Submit your application.

Step 5) Traditional searchers - please provide your funding information to Walter Mannino at --@----.com to receive your discount.

Step 6) sign up for Asana Business

Here's a new offering for Searchfunder members:

All HubSpot for Entrepreneurs members can enjoy a FREE 12-month subscription to Asana Business! This is a fantastic opportunity to help boost productivity..

To answer your questions...

* Who's eligible? All new and existing members of HubSpot for Entrepreneurs who are new or free users of Asana. (See the text above for more info related to Searchfunder members).

* What's the redemption process like? To get started, have your startups visit www.hubspot.com/asanaforstartups. After registering interest on the landing page, if someone has already QL'd, they will receive a link to redeem their free Asana Business plan via email. If they have yet to QL, they will be asked to do so via email, and after they successfully apply, they will receive the same email with a link to redeem their 12 free months.