When you're starting down the search fund path, it can be hard to know which investors are out there and who might be interested in your search fund.  So, we've collected the criteria of the investors on this platform. Below's how to use our match making feature -- which has had me humming songs from Fiddler on the Roof all afternoon.  Once you have a deal in hand, you can also check out our Tip for the Week: Matching Your Deal to Investors and Lenders.

Step 1: Click on my searchfund under the searchfunds on the main menu


Step 2: Click Edit Criteria to enter your search parameters and status

 VoilĂ ! You'll see a summary of your search parameters and matching investors.  From here, you can view investor profiles, check out their reviews and comments, and begin your networking.  Remember, investors are as busy and time constrained as the business owners that you'll be contacting.  So, take your investor networking as the first step in the process of learning how to effectively approach individuals through cold or warm contacts.

Note 1: Once you have your search fund set up, you can add it using the add + button.

Note 2: Once you have networked with your investors, you can upload and send them your PPM via Searchfunder. 

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