Our mission is to have a vibrant and helpful culture where community members share their experience, best practices, tips, industry news and knowledge. Together, we can make the grinding process of learning about search funds, searching for a business to buy and operating that business more efficient and a lot less lonely.

Commenting on posts and posting regularly are vital to that vibrant culture. So, we've prepared this tip sheet on how to do it on Searchfunder.

Step 1: Browse past posts

We recommend first browsing posts to see what previous questions and answers have been asked and answered. There are several ways to browse through posts on Searchfunder:

    1) Scroll through your news feed on your Timeline (home) page.

    2) On the left side of your Timeline page, click on the tags under browse posts. To learn more about tags, click here: Playing Tag

    3) Use the "search users and posts" bar at the top of your page, to the right of our scampering squirrel. To learn more about the search feature, click here.

Step 2: Like or Comment on a Post

If a post is helpful to you, the preferred practice is to Like the post. This quick step gives happy kudos to the person who wrote the post. Also, Liking elevates the post in the news feed. Elevated posts help to educate other searchers and also serves as a signal to the team about the topics of greatest interest to you so that we can locate additional content or resources for the community.

To comment on a post, click on the white space beneath the post, type your comment and then click post. The best comments tend to be congratulatory, helpful, informative and/or constructive. It's okay to disagree in a respectful manner. To report SPAM or other issues with a comment, you may click the Report button. For more info, please see here.

Step 3: Create a post.

To create a post, click on the white space under the green toolbar, that says, "What is Your Question." If this option is not available to you, you may post a deal. To learn how to post a deal, click here.

To learn how to select a group for your post, click here.

For additional posting options -- like inserting pictures and hyperlinks, please see Punch Up Your Posts

If you have feedback or this post was helpful to you, please Comment or click the Like button below.