After a trial run this Summer, we entered into aSearchfunder memberMaster License AgreementSearchfunder membero provide their industry market research reports to our searchers. We're happy to announce that ^Searchfunder member‌, our amazing CTO, has rolled out the latest phase in that partnership: a fully native integration. No more PDFs! Unlimited report browsing! There's more enhancements than that. But, that was huge start.

As much as ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌ and I think we're spreading the word to searchers on Searchfunder, we hear everyday from searchers who don't know they have access to this valuable tool. So, please help us in spreading the word within your networks.

Speaking of value, one IBISWorld report retails for $925 and a full year membership costs upwards of $4,000. So, this is amazing value with Searchfunder's "free, if you post or comment" subscription model.

Also, please let us know if you see any issues or have any feedback. You may comment below, DM me or email us at

JANUARY 2023 UPDATE: Now everyone has unlimited IBISWorld access:

Searchfunder member

1) View Industry Stats at a Glance

Searchfunder member

You can seamlessly browse between reports. As a searcher, your access is unlimited. That way, when you are reading the HVAC report and want to know about the Tier 1 suppliers in Heating & Air Conditioning Wholesale, you can go directly there.

3) See number of locations by region.

Now you can begin fishing where the fish are even faster.


Method 1: On the left side of your timeline page, click on INDUSTRIES

Method 2: Click on the Main menu ► located next to your profile pic and then click on Searcher Tools.


This incredible benefit is only available to our searchers. If you are a searcher seeking to acquire a company and do not have access to IBISWorld reports, please add your search fund to your profile. If you are designated in an incorrect role, such as an investor or professional, please DM me or email us at Here's our tip sheet on Are You in the Right Role?

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