As a multi-sided community, we offer features that are tailored to the type of activities you wish to do and connections you want to make within the community. This requires us to set specific roles for our members upon sign up. Sometimes your interests have changed or you've moved from one role into another. So, we're doing a call out to the community to ensure you are in the right role and getting the right resources you need to be successful. If you believe your role has been mis-identified or does not fit within the list above, please DM me at ^Searchfunder member‌ so that I can help.

Here are our main roles: .

• Searcher - actively buying a business or operating/managing a business they have bought

• Investor - seeks to invest in searchers

• Lender - offers debt financing

• Professional - provides services to the search fund community

• Intermediary - offers a transaction for searchers to evaluate

All other members generally belong to our Explorer role. Explorers largely include interns seeking positions within the search fund community, potential searchers prior to launch of their search fund, and those who are simply curious about search funds.

What to do if you fit into two distinct roles? We recommend creating two separate profiles. To reduce email clutter, we recommend setting your email preferences so that each account receives at least one email from Searchfunder per week. That way, you'll receive the reminder of your account status appended at the bottom. Tip for the Week: Help! I need to reduce the number of Searchfunder emails I receive.

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