1. Our Top 10 posts for 2020 cover the gamut of concerns that searchers face in launching their search fund, hunting for a business to buy, closing the deal on the target and operating their newly acquired company. They also reflect the current economic and social environment in which searchers are trying to accomplish this difficult feat -- the coronavirus pandemic and the #blm social justice movement.

  2. For this list, we looked at posts that were created this year, ranking them by the number of likes and comments. We gave a heavier weighting for each comment. ^Searchfunder member‌'s post on his first deal was by far the #1 leader in both likes and comments. Like ^Searchfunder member‌'s post, many posts on this list reflect the "pay it forward" ethos of the search fund community -- with those who have benefited from the support of others returning the favor. Our list also contains one of the luminary writers about search funds, ^Searchfunder member‌.

  3. We look forward to interviewing many of these Searchfunder members in the coming year as part of our Searchfunder Sessions and Searchfunder Ops Sessions live events. For instance, we will hear from ^Searchfunder member‌ on his Tales from the Trenches: Due Diligence War Stories on February 3rd. Please keep an eye on our events calendar on Searchfunder or LinkedIn for upcoming live stream interviews.

  4. In reviewing the list, the topics have a distinctly USA bent, which is to be expected given that the search fund model started in the United States in the late 1980s and consequently has a better developed infrastructure for the process, including educational programs at prominent US business schools. With the search fund model expanding around the globe at an ever accelerating pace, we expect our best posts to have an increasingly global perspective. Thus, we look forward to what the next year will bring.

  5. In developing our list, we ended up with a tie for tenth place. So, please enjoy these 11 posts:

  6. 1. Just Closed on My First Deal! Reflections and Takeaways for other Searchers by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 1/25/2020

  7. 2. Corona virus for actively searching searchers - what are you doing now? by ^Searchfunder member‌on 3/17/2020

  8. 3. Reflections On First Week As CEO by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 2/22/2020

  9. 4. Closing an Acquisition During a Global Pandemic - 3 Month Reflection by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 7/5/2020

  10. 5. List of Due Diligence War Stories - Don't Get Fooled! ^Searchfunder member‌ by 11/30/2020

  11. 6. Updated: Searching Mid-Career by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 10/15/2020

  12. 7. Acquired our first company - UpCounsel.com by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 4/21/2020

  13. 8. #blm & search funds by ^Searchfunder member‌on 6/4/2020

  14. 9. Best discount deals that have emerged because of Covid? by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 7/31/2020

  15. 10. The 9 Criteria for a Search Fund Business by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 5/7/2020

  16. 10. Are the IBISWORLD reports useful to you? by ^Searchfunder member‌ on 8/24/2020

  17. Wishing you and yours some well-deserved downtime and a very happy new year to come.
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