I've recently updated my blog post about starting your search mid-career with the latest information.

When to start an EtA (Entrepreneurship through Acquisition) search in your career can be a vexing and very personal question. Should you do it now, or wait? And if you wait, will “life” get in the way? Are you driven by FOMO or concerned about never being able to break away from your career? As with much about search, answering the “when” question is an individual, and often complicated decision. This post is focused on mid-career searchers.

The number of searchers 25 years from now who will have launched a search mid-way through their career will be 2-3 times more than those who launch immediately upon graduation from their MBA program. Almost 40% of these “mid-career” searchers will have had operational backgrounds and another 26% came from consulting, unlike early career searchers who had predominantly PE/IB experience. While researching these “mid-career” searchers they told me the circumstances that triggered their timing, their motivations and the advice they would give to searchers following in their footsteps
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