Congratulations on your acquisition!

You did it! You may be wondering what to do next on Searchfunder and what resources are available to you.  

1) Step 1: Update your search fund information.

  • Be sure to change your status from Actively Searching to Acquired.  Click on my searchfund on the main menu.

Note: This is also a good opportunity to update your profile to put in your new CEO title.  Won't that be fun?!

2) Step 2: Join the Operator group .  After you've updated your searchfund to include your acquisition, you may join our private Operator group. The Operator group is set up as an exclusive group so that you can network, ask questions and share insights with other CEO operators. 

Under the me tab, click My Groups and

 Then, scroll to discover groups and search for Operator


3) Step 3: Check out our CEO interviews. 

You can access interviews, under the discussions section of the main menu.   You can also search for "Searchfunder Interview"  (in quotes) from the search blank on your timeline page.  

4) Step 4: Sign up for your own interview for Searchfunder. 

Spending a half hour for the interview is an excellent way to give back to the community.  Contact ^[redacted]‌ to set up a time. 

5) Step 5: Receive congrats and kudos on your success from the Searchfunder.com community by posting your press release or an announcement. 

 Be sure to tag it under acquisitions.   For help on formatting, see  Tip for the Week: Punch Up Your Posts. [redacted]

Whew! 5 steps is a lot.  But, you've already done the hard part -- acquiring and operating your business. If you need any assistance as you operate your business, feel free to reach out to us. We're always looking for ways to assist our Operators.

For more information, message  ^[redacted]‌ on Searchfunder or email: 

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