Hey, Searchfunder members: I’ve created list of the Most Popular and Highest Rated books for acquisition entrepreneurs based all the book recommendation threads that I could find. So, if you’re thinking you would like to learn more about search, become a better operator, polish up leadership or managerial skills, or be inspired by others' success stories, here’s your resource for 70 of the best books and blogs out there.

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Should the "Required Reading" Be Expanded?

The "Required Reading" for search funds is upfront and highlighted in orange. These are the materials that searchers and investors have said are the absolute must-reads. More advanced searchers and investors hope that newbies will peruse these books prior to reaching out. That way, they can engage with potential searchers on a "201 level instead of a 101 level." The most recent addition to Required Reading list is Walker Deibel's Buy Then Build, which was added in 2019.

A lot has happened in the last 3 years. For instance, A.J. Wasserstein has been quite prolific. Should his work or something else be added to the required list? I don't want to overwhelm newbies to the search space by giving them a long list of reading. On the other hand, I don't want them to miss out on a vital aid to getting started. So, please provide your views below or DM me at ^Searchfunder member‌.

A few other notes on the gallery. It seems most folks are listening to books while commuting or working out. So, wherever possible, I have included the Audiobook link. If you're planning on reading the book, it'll be a quick click to the right or left to buy your desired format.

* I plan to apply to be an Amazon Associate. So, I may receive a commission through your purchase. It's taken a metric ton of work to compile this list. Any commissions will be regarded as a thank you for the effort and will support maintaining this list and creating other compilations like the Discounts & Perks page.

As a final note, you may filter the list by tags (such as Legal, Leadership, Taxation., etc.), Amazon rating or author. If a book is improperly tagged, please let me know.

Most Popular Acquisition Entrepreneur Books on AmazonSearchfunder member

These are the books that have the highest number of ratings on Amazon.

For the full gallery sorted by number of rating, please see this link

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The most highly rated books on the list that have at least 100 total customer ratings and an average ratings score of 4.8. They are:

Because it's easier for a book to receive a high rating when it is new or has not been widely circulated, I implemented a cut-off of 100 total customer ratings. It seemed like being in the triple digits would translate into substantial enough base of support for the book. However, I do want to make an honorable mention of the Top 3 without the cutoff: Each of the books has a 5.0 Amazon Rating. Fortunately for the Searchfunder community, several of the authors are Searchfunder members:

How to Submit A Suggestion.

  • Please suggest entrepreneurship books that you absolutely love and feel will benefit searchers and operators. To submit a suggestion, complete this quick form: https://airtable.com/shruBXAWz7yxqkkRT.


We'll do our best to keep the list updated, but won't repost each time there is an update. So, either bookmark this Searchfunder post or the table.

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