Hi, everyone -

Below is my new page on Discounts, Perks and Affiliates. If Searchfunder membership is required, the tile will be highlighted on the left in Green. You may sort the list by stage of search. Here are the categories:

1 Searching & Operating -- useful throughout pre- and post- acquisition

2 Exploring Search as an Option

3 Setting up the Fund

4 Deal Sourcing

5 Due Diligence

6 Deal making

7 Operating or Scaling

8 Investing

9 Exiting

10 Selling Your Business

  • Please let me know your suggestions on how to improve this page. To submit your own discount or perk, please complete this form: https://airtable.com/shrWDEeiDclB5qQ0K. To advertise on Searchfunder, click here. Searchfunder memberSearchfunder memberSearchfunder member

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