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Below is my new page on Discounts, Perks and Affiliates. If Searchfunder membership is required, the tile will be highlighted on the left in Green. Click view larger version for a full screen view of the list. You may sort the list by stage of search. Here are the categories:

1 Searching & Operating -- useful throughout pre- and post- acquisition

2 Exploring Search as an Option

3 Setting up the Fund

4 Deal Sourcing

5 Due Diligence

6 Deal making

7 Operating or Scaling

8 Investing

9 Exiting

10 Selling Your Business

  • To view the full gallery, click on the full screen icon in the bottom right corner. Or, click here: https://bit.ly/perks-gallery

    Please let me know your suggestions on how to improve this page. To submit your own discount or perk, please complete this form: https://bit.ly/perks_form. To advertise on Searchfunder, click here. Searchfunder memberSearchfunder member


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