Members can review or rate Service Providers and other non-Searchers including Investors, Lenders and Intermediaries with the following steps:

Type the member name in the Search bar and click on the appropriate profile.

Click on the member name on the profile card.

Click on the "Review" button on the upper right hand corner of the profile screen

Review the member.

We have a 5 star ratings scale. Comments and endorsements are optional. We do recommend providing specific examples, if you can. For instance, "Always returned my phone calls within a day." "Provided useful insight based on experience."

You can choose to post under your name or anonymously. We only disclose aggregate scores. We only disclose the total number of reviewers once the person has at least 20. 

Please be constructive and descriptive in your reviews. Any defamatory comments will be immediately removed. For more guidance, see Step 4 on how to comment or post on Searchfunder.

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