I recently had the privilege of working with Bruce Marks at First Bank of the Lake on the acquisition of a California-based commercial plumbing company using a SBA 7a loan.

My relationship with Bruce began almost a year before the acquisition of my plumbing business. Bruce took the time to evaluate several opportunities with me over the course of my search, always providing clear, candid, and prompt feedback. I really appreciated his willingness to spend time getting to know me and looking at deals with me, even if they weren't yet under LOI.

Bruce evaluated my plumbing opportunity quickly and rigorously. Ultimately, he assured me he would get the deal done... and he delivered! Rather than just passing me off to other departments in the bank, Bruce remained involved through underwriting and closing, shepherding the deal across the finish line.

Securing acquisition financing for businesses in the trades can be particularly challenging for unlicensed searchers without direct experience, like me. If you are looking to acquire a trades business with a SBA 7a loan, I highly recommend reaching out to Bruce.