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Searchfunder recently partnered with HubSpot for Entrepreneurs. In this special Searchfunder Session, we will speak with Kelsey Genert about using HubSpot for your search and your operating company.

This event is open to Searchfunder members and those exploring the search fund concept. It will be live streamed on Searchfunder.

kelsey gernert to Me (Direct Message) (11:05 AM)
I also have magdaline small on here as a co-presenter
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:07 AM)
woohoo! Exciting!
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:11 AM)
Hi everyone! Magdaline from HubSpot here- I’ll be managing the chat while Kelsey presents so feel free to drop questions in here!
Me to Everyone (11:13 AM)
Welcome everyone,

Feel free to post questions in the chat or unmute during the Q&A portion,

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kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:14 AM)
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:16 AM)
All our Academy resources and courses are Free
^ our coursework covers a combination of Strategy and HubSpot tools focused coursework
As a former sales rep, you can also use these tools quite effectively for prospecting as well :)
Attendee to Everyone (11:29 AM)
For a 2 man search is it recommended to create HubSpot account with one person's company email or with a shared company email?
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:29 AM)
one person’s company email, and then invite the other person onto your portal as a user- we do not gate access to the portal at the user level, so you can add as many team members as you need for free
Attendee to Everyone (11:30 AM)
Thank you
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:30 AM)
we do also have a feature that integrates with a shared company inbox, and makes it easier to track and manage inbound inquiries- but for portal creation, definitely create at the individual user level
Attendee to Everyone (11:32 AM)
what do you think is the best way to track deal flow from brokers? i.e. I would like to be able to track which deals I have seen from a specific broker and vise versa which broker showed me a specific deal.
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:34 AM)
every deal inside of HubSpot can be attached to a specific contact and company- so Scott, in this case I would recommend creating a deal pipeline and then having the individual broker contacts attached to the relevant deals. That way you can see it on their contact records, as well as create reports that show you number of deals by specific broker- and then drill into those deals as needed
Attendee to Everyone (11:36 AM)
thank you, that makes sense. so the deal should be attached to the broker contact, but the actual deal company? I don't think you can associate a deal with multiple companies (e.g. the deal company AND the broker's company), right?
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:37 AM)
The contact and company objects are separate- so you could attach the deal to a broker at the contact level and then a company at the company level
Attendee to Everyone (11:38 AM)
understood. thank you!
Attendee to Everyone (11:38 AM)
Sequences aren't available with the free version, correct?
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:40 AM)
that is correct - Sequences start at our Sales Professional Level
Attendee to Everyone (11:40 AM)
thank you!
Attendee to Everyone (11:40 AM)
What might be the searcher price for that?
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:41 AM)
30% off the list price of $500/month (includes 5 users) - so $350/month
Attendee to Everyone (11:41 AM)
The thing I worry about is getting caught in spam filters, HubSpot tech support hasn't given me a good response on how to deal with this. What are your insights? I send emails directly from my inbox so that I don't get idenfied as spam but that eliminates a lot of the analytics I am able to use
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:41 AM)
For a full list of our packing and pricing you can refer to this guide
Maximo Cubilette to Everyone (11:41 AM)
How many people can share the CRM? Is there a limit?
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:42 AM)
(and Kelsey will highlight the specific pricing available to everyone at the end of the Session as well)
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:42 AM)
There is no limit to how many users you can add to the CRM - our user bases pricing adds functionality to the tools for those individual users who have assigned seats, but we do not have a limit on the amount of team members that you can add to the platform
Attendee to Everyone (11:43 AM)
thank you
Christopher King to Everyone (11:43 AM)
It would be great to find out how much can be automated - can you have HubSpot automatically start the next step in your sequence and send emails automatically? Thank you!
Me to Everyone (11:43 AM)
In addition to the discount during your self-funded search, there is a steeper discount once you acquire a company.
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:44 AM)
[Attendee] - this may be a broader discussion around the type of email you’re sending, where you are generating your email lists, and what your email copy looks like. My recommendation would be to set up time with our customer success team who can advise you not only on the technical side of things, but actually walk through strategy with you as well
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:45 AM)
Christopher- yes, sequences will continue to send the next email in the sequence (up to 5 total) until that person replies or books time with you. In addition to that we also have Marketing Automation built into our platform that can full automate mass email outreach and follow up
Attendee-1 to Everyone (11:46 AM)
[Attendee-1] is there the ability to add a “subscribe to deal” button?
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:49 AM)
Darrell- to clarify, are you referring to being able following a deal and get notifications internally?
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:50 AM)
^ if so, that answer is yes, and using our deal based automation you could set up certain criteria that would trigger a notification when a deal fits that criteria (has certain info populated, moves down the funnel, stalls out in a certain stage etc.)
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Attendee-2 to Everyone (11:54 AM)
One issue with the default Deal feature that we came across during the search phase was that you cannot bulk associate contacts / companies to a specific deal stage. For example, you could not upload 200 companies, and have them all be associated to an "Opportunity Identified" deal stage (without doing this one by one). We ended up creating custom a deal stage property to avoid this. Is there anyway to bulk associate contacts/companies with a certain deal stage?
Attendee-3 to Everyone (11:55 AM)
templates and snippets is part of the free CRM packet or is that a pro packet?
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:56 AM)
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:56 AM)
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:56 AM)
[Attendee-2], give me 1 min to think through your question- want to make sure I’m advising you correctly here
and [Attendee 3], yes that is correct, templates and snippets start at the free level, although there is a limit of 5 templates/user at the free level
kelsey gernert to Everyone (11:57 AM)
Attendee to Everyone (11:58 AM)
Thanks, Magdaline
Magdaline/Hubspot to Everyone (11:58 AM)
[Attendee[redacted]I would want know look at your portal to be 100% sure, but I’m thinking it’s a mixture of doing a bit of customization at the deal pipeline level and the property level, and then yes there is a bulk edit feature- we’d just need to have the system set up properly first to be able to then bulk edit
Attendee to Everyone (12:00 PM)
is the call tracking feature part of the free tier? also, can you set it up to log inbound calls from that contact as well?
Attendee to Everyone (12:00 PM)
Quick question - do the aforementioned automation features work with all packages? Thanks, Chris
Attendee to Everyone (12:01 PM) Here is the product and services catalog
Attendee to Everyone (12:03 PM)
Can you repeat on how to sign up?
kelsey gernert to Everyone (12:03 PM)
Attendee to Everyone (12:04 PM)
Attendee to Everyone (12:04 PM)
Very helpful session - thank you!
Attendee to Everyone (12:04 PM)
thank you
Attendee to Everyone (12:05 PM)
Thank you