I'm in final stages of loan commitemnt for 7(a) loan. The LOI and now draft SPA include a post-closing true-up of NWC.

Belatedly, the “compliance team” at one of my lenders raised a concern that SBA 7(a) loans do not allow any sort of purchase price adjustment post-closing, esp., wherein the consideration can go up (which can happen in this case, if NWC at closing turns out to be below the peg).
I pushed back noting that truing-up NWC post-closing is a customary aspect of transactions like this one. I also noted that the whole point of the true-up is to ensure that the Seller doesn’t “game” collections in the run-up to closing to harvest cash and deliver a hollowed out balance sheet. It's designed to protect me, my bank, and the SBA! My bankers grant both points, wholeheartedly. They have gone back the compliance people in hopes to straightening this out.

Has anyone seen this type objection?