Hi All,
I just want to introduce myself: My name is Khai Nguyen. My background: I was homeless at 15 and adopted by a Jewish family at 16. I started operating businesses when I was 16 up until now so I'm a very adept operator. I was on Wall Street for over 12 years. Did the full spectrum: special situation analyst at a hedge fund focusing on SPACs, turnarounds, bankruptcies. Spent 7 years doing Private Equity operations, implemented a CRM for a 600 employee company and helped sell one of the largest packaging companies in the west coast to a PE firm. Was a executive partner at a $100 mil consumer retail VC fund. Spent the rest of my Wall Street career raising capital at all the big firms including BofA, Merrill, US Trust, LPL.

I co-founded the largest gymnastics and ninja warrior company in the US (structured as a PE rollup) Raised about $20 million for that. It's on its way to become a billion dollar company. I left that company as an operating founder and now I'm focusing on my own new rollup in the pet care space. I don't consider myself an excellent entrepreneur by definition but I am an expert operator and capital raiser.

Would love to connect with anyone that's done search funds before or investors that look at rollups. I'm pretty connected in the finance world especially family offices and PE firms. Looking forward to meeting you all. You can connect with me here, or via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nguyenkhai/ or via my email: --@----.com Nguyen