Many searchers hire interns to do analyst-level work. Others do it themselves or hire junior staff to help with time-consuming tasks. All approaches have pros and cons, and they have been thoroughly discussed here on Perhaps the best approach may be to do what best suits your personal style and needs of your search process.

Our company Hyde Park Investment Services (HPIS) was founded with the idea of exclusively providing analytical services to search funds and other middle market investors. Since 2015 we have advised and supported searchers and PE firms in dozens of successful investment transactions. Analysts at HPIS have analyzed well over 1,000 investment opportunities, participated in M&A deals in over 30 industries, and advised on over $2.2 billion in capital allocations over these 8 years. Allow us to share a few observations from our experience and reasons why you may want to engage our firm.

  1. Searchers spend a lot of time hiring, training, and managing interns. Hire HPIS to engage a professional analyst, who will be productive for you from day one. Spend you precious time and energy on meeting target companies and delegate processes to professionals.
    2. HPIS can be flexible on payment terms. Instead of dealing with payroll or 1099s, consider a contract with HPIS and our team will be available for your needs at will and on flexible and competitive terms. Sourcing, financial modeling, due diligence, and other typical engagements can be structured by HPIS to account for your risks.
  2. Don't reinvent the wheel. There are many materials and templates available to searchers who are just getting started. Many searchers end up developing their own. Why not engage a firm that can provide you with essential materials and resources? You will have a professional at your disposal and a sounding board throughout your search process.

    Please reply to this message should you have any questions or to schedule a time to get introduced. I hope to speak with you about your search and see if we can fit with your process toward a successful transaction and beyond.