Seeking capital.
E-commerce business supplying children's and pet's furniture to customers in the US, via Amazon, Walmart, Chewy Wayfair etc. 59% Direct to warehouse, 41% Direct to consumer (dropship) Owner is an Industrial Engineer (like me) and has set up an efficient, high-velocity manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico. (He consulted with a similar plant in China which was larger in total output, but not nearly as efficient.) Imports of raw material are duty free because the company has an IMMEX permit Exports of finished goods are duty free because of the USMCA Owner is great at manufacturing, but not in sales, marketing, or financials. Minimal advertising during slow months. Holidays are busy. Last year Amazon asked for 6000 pcs on Dec 1 and the company only could fulfil 900 pcs. (Conservatively prepared for recession instead of boom. Opportunity to expand inventory - current JIT operation limits capacity) Another opportunity identified by the seller is direct sales to furniture companies, which is about 5% of the business. Management team in place. Business has been growing 30% yoy for 10 years until 2020 1.8 mm rev with $212k SDE in 2020 2.2 mm rev with $313k SDE in 2021 2.3 mm rev with $470k SDE in 2022 They are asking for a 2.6m price, but with 75% seller financing over 10 years - a 650k down payment. Why are we a good fit? - Strong process engineering experience and we see a lot of low hanging fruit in increasing revenues substantially (for example, everything is currently produced just-in-time -- simply adding racks for storage will improve output) - Data driven analytical approach. I helped my current business,, grow with a data first approach, and I know how to set up processes that are robust - Cashflow management and financial monitoring - the seller doesn't really do a lot of work on the balance sheet, cash flow management or inventory. There is ample scope here to lean up the operation - Seller works 10 hours a week, and doesn't do any outbound sales beyond minimal amazon advertising. There is plenty of room for a full time operator to grow this business -experience doing business with Maquiladoras in Northern Baja - We have built a strong rapport with the seller. The seller is Mexican American, like my wife's family and also based in Tijuana. He also is looking to exit the business and increase his Mexican real estate portfolio, which is what my family has done (12+ houses in Mexico). There is also scope to accelerate sales with increasing product offerings and crank up throughput. Looking forward to your interest and feedback, please!

San Diego, CA, USA
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