Hello SF Lenders,

I'm looking for private debt, commercial debt, family office debt funds, or Mezz debt lenders for a few deals I currently have on the table. I want to bundle these together under one line or loan. Although can be convinced, only if necessary to separate these out. Brief info below on each:

$3m EBITDA @ $20m. Data Infrastructure Provider, install hardware in data centers and on-premise or client location. $1.5 EBITDA @ $7.5m. Website and hosting company, 100% recurring revenue subscription model. 90% retention rate. $930k EBITDA @ $4m. Digital Marketing company, clients. are higher education institutions with year-long contracts. High retention rate. 20 years old.

Happy to hop on a call or discuss them in more detail. calendly.com/diversitycapitalgroup or email at --@----.com