Hey everyone, I have a MAcc from a top accounting program and have been working in small business for a few years since graduation, kind of doing an entrepreneurship through apprenticeship route. It’s been great for me and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

Even though I have a background in accounting, I’ve never really considered becoming a public accountant and still don’t. However, as I’ve been considering my future and buying a business of my own, I’m contemplating the benefits and drawbacks of having CPA next to my name, in addition to my experience in accounting/sales in small business.

Does anyone have experience with this? Pros and cons that you’ve seen, either those with their CPA certification or those without, but have a background in accounting? Do sellers see CPA and see a potential buyer differently? I could see this being a pro and a con, depending on the industry/business. Any insights would be appreciated! Thank you.