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Adrian Pinto is CEO of Georgia Scapes. Georgia Scapes is a licensed and insured provider of landscape services, including: commercial maintenance and installation, irrigation, anti-erosion, and residential design and installation


00:00 Episode brought to you by The Magnolia Firm

00:48 Intro to Adrian Pinto

01:35 Learning Experience - and his background at PE firms

03:36 What did you Adrian do at the PE firms?

06:25 When & Why he made the decision to buy a company

10:04 Did you want to do it by yourself or with partner?

10:50 How did you find the acquisition?

12:34 What was your criteria

13:26 Why did seller want to sell?

14:11 Who did the audit?

14:43 Was business reasonably priced / valuation?

17:10 Working Capital in the PE world - and the SMB seller wants it

19:50 Why is SBA loan a double edge sword to future growth?

24:25 Talking about Mark Leonard at Constellation Software & Operational Excellence

28:10 Creating Havoc with more acquisitions

28:38 How he grew the acquisition by 42%

30:15 How the SBA views history when you are a 25 year old company

32:33 Why he chose landscaping business

34:09 What was experience like with employees when you don't know anything

36:25 Any employee leave?

37:05 Any surprise red flags or seller disingenuous?

39:04 Did you create a risk that was not real - being reasonable?

42:43 Recurring Revenue & what he liked about the business

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