The deals I want to do require a lot of equity infusion how infusion how does one get that portion of the finance in place of the finance in place it is more than I can make in a long time then I can make in a long time so 1 option is let from his let's say taking the 25% X25 percent equity needed for a loan and and giving the financial financier maybe 50% of the company of the company and Dan And then buying him out of the company over time or he gets a 100% of most of the company and you buy the company from him from proceeds over time. I mean if he puts up all the equity isn't he entitled to the whole company or are there any or are the investors willing to put up the equity the equity portion and get say double double their money back in lets say 7 years. I know there are other ways to do this too foremple in agreement with the seller of the business you approach his suppliers his suppliers or customers and offer a rebate offer a rebate or a fixed longer contract a fixed longer contract for goods or services goods or services in exchange for the equity portion Of the loan.