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VIDEO PLAYBACK AVAILABLE IN PEOPLE OF COLOR GROUP -- The purpose of this meetup is to create a safe and inclusive environment for BIPOC Searchfunder members and those exploring search funds to connect and check-in given the economic and social times we are living in. You'll meet other BIPOC members of the search fund community to share ideas and insights. Allies are welcome.

As part of the fun, we'll host a contest for the best real or virtual background on this Zoom meeting. The winner will receive a prize.

If you have specific topics you'd like to cover, feel free to DM ^[redacted]‌.

Zoom registration link:

Also, please join the People of Color group on Searchfunder by clicking on discover groups on your main menu. For more info on groups, see

To foster a more vibrant community, this meetup will be our first ever livestream event. We will stream this event solely within the Searchfunder community. If you wish to maintain anonymity, we encourage you to still attend, but to take these steps before entering the Zoom meeting: (1) sign out of your Zoom account, (2) Click "Join a Meeting" and (3) follow the prompts to enter a name you prefer and ensure your video is turned off. For more how-to info, see: