Hi everyone,

A friend of mine here told me about Search Funds recently. I started to learn about it but couldn’t find more resources other than Stanford’s study and a few others in an organized way.

So, I am putting together a checklist for my own learning and folks like me- new into this space. It’s a kind of starter curriculum:
- Podcasts
- Case studies
- Books and blogs
- Manuals and reports
- Data sourcing platforms

Let me know if you are interested comment here, and I’ll send it to you once I finish it this week.

My current list is here (and it keeps growing):

- Crestpoint Capital SF intern and director manuals.
- Standford SF Primer and study (2022)
- HBS Guide- Buying a small biz
- ETA Podcast of Polsky center
- Jan Simon’s SF book (2021)
- ETA courses and programs list and more...

PS: If you have know any resources, let me know. I want to add them.