I'm looking to get some experience sharing from fellow searchers on SBA approved deal structures they've been able to finance. Please share some examples and provide insights on my proposed structures. Below are some I've seen:
1. SBA X%, Seller X% ammort. over 5 yrs, Searcher/investors >10%
2. Same as above but seller note refinanced with SBA after 24 continuous payments
3. SBA x%, Seller note X% ammort. over 5 years, >5% seller note on full standby (no interest or principal paid until SBA is fully paid down), >5% Searcher/investor. Has anyone been able to arrange this? What conditions were imposed by SBA/Seller?
4. SBA X%, Searcher X%, Forgivable Seller note X% (Forgivable if EBIT target is not achieved) - does the bank underwrite at the lower seller note amount that matches current EBITDA or at the higher value of the note with current Covid impacted EBITDA?

Any other structures?