Seeking capital.
We recently acquired a 40-Yr New Orleans based shipping company in the heart of the Garden District. The former owner, who is moving out of the area with her husband, offered us 1X YoY profit with no money down/owner financed. The purchase price was ~$180,000.00 ($6,500 payment/mo. to the former owner). We are 4 months into acquiring the business and have really prioritized modernizing our business approach through SEO integration, social media advertising and renovating our space. We have emphasized a grass roots targeted campaign and have started reconnecting with local galleries, small businesses and other entities to grow our business (freight, UPS, etc.). We are growing rapidly, and all indications are we are making significant strides. One major lever we are currently working on is becoming a UPS ASO (which the former owner did not do because she was comfortable with her slim operation). We are inching closer to becoming an official UPS ASO. There is a competitor in the area that has approached us to purchase her store which would give us a tremendous competitive advantage in the city. We are looking to raise capital to purchase this business and offset our current obligation to pay off the remaining purchase burden of this business. Unfortunately, banks are less willing to deal with us given the short duration of ownership and the prior owners loose P&Ls. We have access to ~$25K down payment and additional collateral. We owe the current owner ~$154,###-###-#### paid 4 months $###-###-#### ) 180,###-###-#### ,0000 = $154,000.00 November/December are our busiest months with Christmas/Holidays and we are anticipating paying off the majority of this burden by the end of the year. With that being said, we are looking to increase our cashflow and willing to pay a premium for an extended loan (15%, 20%, 25%) if we can lower our monthly burden, increase our cash flow, and build our account to be positioned to expand (via acquisition or another location). We are seeking a loan, without early payoff penalty for 2-8 years that we can use to pay off the current owner, free up cash flow and invest in additional resources to continue our growth. Ideally, our goal would be to go from $###-###-#### /mo to $1000-$1500/mo range to increase cash flow. We are super flexible and open to all options. We would love to share more details and P&Ls with any interested investor. Please reach out to us via this channel or via email to discuss any options or insight you may have as we continue our journey. Thank you for your time and take care.

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