Hi, I just submitted my LOI to the seller of an asset light small manufacturing business that's been around for 30+ years (owner retiring) based in New Jersey. Deal is $3.4M ($6M in rev and $1M EBITDA) selling for 3.4x, with healthy EBITDA growth. Will be meeting the seller on site at his plant this weekend to discuss further.

A few items to note::
1. Business is a C Corp so stock sale is a preferred by seller, any pros/cons?
2. Besides understanding the capex and the WC needed at closing, any other important items to note at closing? Seller just purchased $200K machinery added to BS.
3. What should I focus on when visiting on site and talking to seller?
4. Are there a list of contacts that I can reach out to once I have a signed LOI (ie; lender, investor, partners, operators, counsel, etc)

Any comments or thoughts are much appreciated.