Main Street Capital Network is a group of over 40 investors that can collectively allocate over $17 million towards any one deal. You can learn more about us here. For more background, this Searchfunder post was the genesis of the group.

Our investment criteria:

- U.S. or Canada Domicile
- $500,000+ EBITDA
- Not Highly Cyclical
- Limited Customer Concentration
- Consistent Growth & Profitability

- 10-Year+ Operating History

We like to meet searchers pre-LOI and post-LOI (the earlier the better), so if you think you may need equity gap funding at some point in the future, please feel free to reach out at this time (contact info below), so we can learn more about you and I can provide more information about how we work.

We have a straightforward process that saves searchers time:

1. Upload due diligence documents to a data room that is gated by an NDA you provide
2. Teaser and data room link goes out to members
3. Any member that is interested can click on data room link, e-sign NDA, and automatically get access to diligence documents
4. Interested investors and searchers will have each other's contact information

You can communicate directly with any members and decide from whom you would prefer to accept checks.

Check out this example data room to get a sense of the process.

Searchfunder member

Still searching? Please fill out our pre-LOI form – we’d love to chat with you!

Have a signed LOI? Please schedule time to speak here.


If you’re an accredited investor that’s interested in joining our group and investing in equity gap deals, please feel free to fill out our membership form.


If you have any questions at all about this, please reach out to me at