I'm a self-funded searcher but also interested in investing in other searchers' deals that have an equity gap. I'm guessing there are others here that fall into that category as well as other individual accredited investors looking to invest.

I've been thinking about working with others to form some sort of group/club for individual accredited investors to invest in SMB deals together through something like an SPV (probably not hard to create on AngelList and share deal fees). I'm picturing somethig similar to a lot of the angel groups that are out there but I'd love to hear any other ideas.

Value prop to investors

By grouping together, we can individually write smaller checks, diversify across more deals, only invest in the ones you like, bounce ideas of each other, and avoid PE fees.

Value prop to searchers

They can pitch a larger pool of capital at once, keep a simpler capital structure, and raise smaller amounts of capital than PE might require

Any accredited investors interested in something like this? I'd love to hear people's thoughts. Maybe we can setup a Zoom or at least an email list to discuss. If you’d be interested, please feel free to leave your email or DM me.


I've had the opportunity to speak to more than a couple dozen Searchfunder members that are interested in the group so it looks like we're moving ahead with this.

For anyone else that's interested please feel free to fill out this form: https://tally.so/r/wLbbbj. Or you can DM me and we can figure out a time to chat.

Current high level plan for the group:

1. Searchers provide members with a teaser

2. Investors that are interested can sign NDA

3. Then full investor presentation goes out to those who sign NDA

4. We set up a Slack for this interested group so the deal can be discussed amongst members

5. Searcher gives Zoom presentation to group with Q&A

6. We set up searcher "office hours" so investors can speak 1-on-1 7.

7. Any investor that is interested can then decide whether they want to write a check directly to the searcher