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I wanted to introduce a start-up with the vision to consolidate an establish yet fragmented industry known as "Nursing Care Facilities/ Services". The Start-Up first step was acquiring participants to create a world-class board that will be focused on internal and external growth as well as innovations in this industry. We believe in consolidation and innovation, we will provide a higher quality of service for the senior care market. The second step is having a proven method for finding deals at an EBITA multiple that makes sense to cover debt service while making sense for a business vendor to perform equity realize. The final step is funding our vision with over 21 financial resources there are ways to get to funds. What I'm inquiring about is an investor to tie money to a deal to cover a down payment for conventional lending or vendor finance.

Example: (Target EBITA 1-5x) Business Venders went through DD green light for 75/25 majority stock purchase. The purchase will be financing SBA (7A). SBA lends 4m needs 5% down payment. The investor agrees to pay down for stock percentage (agreed-upon x amount). The investor now has a potion of a deal that is already de-risked for an established business, Audit numbers available, Visible Business Credit, Already has Management, Partnered with a Consolidation company, and finally will profit massively from an IPO or Exit.

The simple way of looking at this venture called Senior Holding is experts look at deals, the fund said deals, and grow to a global conglomerate lever while innovating, thus us be responsible for our competitors to be on their heel to innovate by our example for we plane on being the majority market shareholder. The venture is meant to change the practice on a global level yet all big visions have an early beginning.

The first target acquisition focused will be Hospice Business, The model is believed to have easier growth in revenue as well as marketing. The benefit of an online magnet business is that there are no caps on revenue compared to real-estate models and online marketing for these services lacks 2022 standards( easy improvements that are proven ).

If there are any investors interested please feel free to comment or reach out to me through any means.

Thank you for your time Search Funder Member, and best regards.

Daniel R.
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