Hello Searchfunder community!

I have been somewhat active in this group recently, talking to people and making some connections.
I have decided to do a giveaway in this community.

Now, what would be there in the giveaway?

Well, it would be a professionally built one-pager website for your business.

How do you participate?

Just put a comment on this post to make your entry and write something about your business.

How do you win?

I will put all the names in a random name generator and whose name pops up would get a one-pager website built for free.

You can use it to build it for yourself or can give it to a friend as well.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let's get this going.

(Edited: 28th Jan.) Giveaway is closed now, if you are looking for a website for your search fund, feel free to reach out to me at --@----.com you need any other marketing help, it could be building an email list, doing SEO of your website, or LinkedIn Branding feel free to see what we are doing at www.getcatalyzed.com and reach out to me if in need.