Quick Background: I have an undergraduate Accounting degree from NC State University, and I am currently serving active duty in the U.S. Army as a Sr Communications Sergeant with 7th Special Forces Group. I will be transitioning out of the Army in the next year and I am planning on applying and enrolling in an MBA program. ETA and Search Funds are something I am very interested in and I was hoping I could get some good general advice and words of wisdom with respect to what I can be doing now to get ahead and position myself.

What are the best resources available (books, websites, online courses, etc) to potential searchers like myself? I have read HBR: Guide to Buying a Small Business and Buy then Build by Walker Deibel.

What are the best MBA programs for ETA and Search Funds? Any of the M7 are obviously great but what about schools like Duke, UVA, Texas, UNC, Michigan?

Any help or insight that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.