Dear All,

I am a self-funded search, currently in the process of signing the LoI (with exclusivity) for the following deal:

• Geography: Italy • Industry: innovative electro-medical equipment with application to oncology surgery • Financials 2020: Revenue >5M, EBIT >1M (growing 20-30% for the last years) • Deal terms: EV <6x 2020 EBIT, seller stays for 3 years on board & other management team for the long-term • Expected returns (for 5-year timeframe): 20-25% IRR / >3x MoM (net of fees) • Capital requirements: EUR 3m equity from investors (50% of equity, bank and earn-ou will do the remainder) • Timeframe: Closing expected October 2020, economical hand-over###-###-####

If interested, please reach out directly to I am looking forward to your requests.

Best, Manuel