I remember back in the day organizing Real Estate events at HBS that the first activity we, the co-chairs, engaged in was to define our whys. Why were we doing it? What were we hoping to achieve? What were we seeking to learn? And at the time I thought it was a little distracting, since we had so much to do (I was recently joining them as the previous person left due to other priorities). Why would you sacrifice your time, for no pay, where you could be studying or partying or being free?
But then I got it. That exercise helped us find things in common and work as a team. It set the tone. And over the course of the event, it kept us grounded. It was our reference point. And it was personal. I had something to come back to when in doubt. It wasn't a cult. Just a guide. A most useful guide. I have used it on several occasions later on, and it has proven useful even when I failed. When looking for answers most of the time it starts on your why, why are you're really doing this. If your why is misaligned, things get complicated.

So now I would say the same. Why am I doing this? To be honest, I just learned about this possibility a few months ago, and I see a lot of potential. Not only about the things you get to learn, to explore and to do. But also, for the person you can become. In the end, isn't that why we do most things? Who will we become through this process? I am eager to start. I wish to my fellow searchers an amazing ride of value creation, self-discovery and sustained growth!