Most business brokers hate self-funded searchers.

(and rightly so!)

But when approached correctly, you can create a powerful symbiotic relationship

First, why do most business brokers hate self-funded searchers?

Long story short, most are tire kickers who'll never close on a deal.

Specifically, most self-funded searchers:

Lack the funds to close

Present SBA financing risks

Consume more of biz brokers' time

Have historically lower closing success rates

Add unnecessary deal complexity via DD and negotiations

You'd probably hate working with this person too (especially when your pay depends on closing a deal!)

So how can a self-funded searcher buck this reputation?

Refine your deal criteria, elevator pitch, and deal financing

Know how you'll fund a deal

Clearly define your deal "strike zone"

Know why you're a valuable potential buyer

Begin with a specific deal

Introduce yourself in context

Have a short initial question list

Keep your pitch concise & focused

Focus on providing value, not being likeable

Provide candid feedback

Review deal material + respond quickly

Ask additional questions minimally & unobtrusively

And if the deal isn't for you, clearly tell them why, and try to refer them to other potential buyers

Best case scenario: it's your perfect deal, and you quickly close.

Worst case scenario: you pass, but the broker now knows what you're looking for, and if your potential reference closes on the deal you scored major brownie points for future deals.