We welcome women and allies in the search fund community. For our September session, where we will discuss A.J. Wasserstein's case note on women launching search funds: https://www.searchfunder.com/post/on-the-nature-of-women-considering-a-search-fund-launch-1

In addition to the live stream, please be sure to join our Women in Search group which is open to women and allies. Here is our tip sheet on Groups: https://www.searchfunder.com/post/tip-for-the-week-join-a-group-or-create-your-own

Through our meetups, you can network with others in the community and allies, learn about the phases of a search fund, stay up to date on issues and trends in the search community, plus gain tips and tricks to get the most out of your Searchfunder membership.

This session is open to Searchfunder members and interested members of the public. Our S.O.S., Searchfunder Sessions and Searchfunder MeetUps are offered at no additional charge to our community members as a subscriber benefit. Non-members may be asked to contribute a nominal amount to support our efforts in bringing helpful and useful content to the community. Pricing may vary by event. If you are a Searchfunder community member always register through the link on Searchfunder. 

This event will be live streamed on Searchfunder.
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