All- Within this group of current, former and aspiring CEOs, I suspect (and also hope) that I'm not the only one who has established more company goals than I've actually achieved. Over the years, I came to learn that establishing goals for my company was easy, but regularly achieving all of those same goals was a different matter entirely.

Mostly through making a lot of mistakes, I've learned a few things over the years about what to do to increase my odds of both setting and achieving truly meaningful company goals.

In this blog post, I argue that after most companies set their objectives, they assume (or implicitly hope) that their existing teams, systems, tools, and processes will be sufficient to achieve those objectives, which rarely proves to be true. In short: Setting more or better goals won't increase your likelihood of achieving them unless you think and act differently.

This blog is a collection of those lessons. I hope you’ll apply all (or at least some) of them with a view towards increasing your own goal attainment rate, particularly if you have 1 or 2 meaty goals that your company needs to accomplish over the coming month, quarter, or year.

My post can be read here (hyperlinked): Why So Many Companies Rarely Achieve Their Annual Goals