Imagine you are a business owner who is ready to sell your business. You are approached by 2 people who want to buy your business.

Person 1:
Doesn't have a website,
Doing email outreach via Gmail.
Have a basic LinkedIn profile.

Person 2:
Have a beautiful website,
Social media pages running,
A strong LinkedIn brand.
Doing email outreach by business domain email address, etc.

You would most likely go about listening to the second person.

By building a strong digital presence, they have built authenticity + trust. putting them above their competition who don't have any website, and just relying on a poorly created LinkedIn profile.

Once you would outreach to someone, they would want to research about you as much as they can on the website, LinkedIn profile, social media handles, etc.

If you are giving them enough information about you, they would more likely to get in touch with you.

Start building your digital presence, it would make your life easy in getting your prospects to hear you.

PS: If I say I can help you with building a strong digital presence, be it building a website, running social media, or building a strong brand on LinkedIn, won't you research about me before sending me an email at to help you with it?