As Searchers and Business Owners, we all need sources of wisdom. I have been very fortunate to work with many great Chairs in my career. Below are some highlights.

Timothy Rossi was instrumental in leading one of the most accomplished Advisory Boards I've ever had the opportunity to work with. He set the tone and got not just the Board, but the whole network focusing on the right stuff we needed.

Melinda Snowden was a terrific source of advice and support when I was transitioning out of a business and helped me do it in a way I could shine. Melinda continues to support many businesses owners and Directors on their journeys.

Jon Brett has chaired two WOBSX syndicates and his insights and suggestions have been instrumental in setting up this high performing program. Jon continues to support WOBSX graduates on their journeys into listed company boardrooms.

Ruth Medd, the executive Chair of Women on Boards successfully navigates the needs and support structures for over 25k subscribers and has been a terrific Chair to collaborate with.

So, whether it’s a Chair, Advisory Board, statutory Board, peer to peer panel, coach, trusted mentor or colleague. My point is that it’s important to seek and nurture these relationships for a more rewarding journey as business owners.


Women on Boards has a facility that lets you recruit directors for free. I've advised over 60 Public Unlisted Company Boards, and some of the best directors I've worked with have come from this source. Link below.