An engineer, project manager, problem solver and leader, I have spent the better part of the last decade honing the skillsets I deemed necessary. All in readiness to this stage where I could pursue my passion of operating a business. In a world of startups I looked at regular businesses that I interacted day-to-day, wondering what makes a small business tick and what I would do if I had to run it? An MBA led me closer to building a model of leadership that I preach and practice and I promptly joined Amazons leadership team. It took a pandemic to pull me towards that unfulfilled nagging passion and am now gearing up towards realizing that dream. I'm in phase 1 where I'm listening to myself and taking the first cautious steps and looking to connect with those of you who have reached your milestones or are in a similar exploring phase. Whats your story? Do hit me up and I would love to chat. For me this is about building foundation first and will update this section as I go from strength to strength.