What's your favorite business banking account? I'm about to spin up another entity & bank account and feel like there should be a clear winner in terms of bank account selection.

The most important things I care about / pain points:

  1. I can do everything relating to my account remotely (most importantly, wiring money)
  2. Data exports are easy and provide all detailed data
  3. Adding/removing additional cards & managing user access is easy

    Bonus points for: virtual employee cards, easier credit card approval and management, stellar UI & advanced reporting, automations (certain type of payment comes in, email employee X).

I've used the following:
-Frost (Texas based): No major issues but the online interface is a bit clunky. Great experience in branch. Had a real life dedicated person who actually knew me? (my bar for service is low). Was able to get a LOC through them without much hassle just based on the funds flow into accounts. -Chase: Had to graduate into their commercial group in order to get their full functionality. Really awesome advanced features for management of multiple entities within a bigger corporate structure & intercompany complexities. Felt like this was the best overall experience I've had so far. -Bank of America: Worst experience ever. Had to come in branch for many basic tasks. Had incredibly low limits on how much could be deposited mobile. Spent a few hours a month on the phone with them getting basic stuff resolved (adding or removing an employee from an account, sending a wire, etc). Terrible tech. Long wait times and lots of 'transfers' to get to someone who can solve basic tasks. Caution: Do never ever use.