Dear SF Community, I'm co-founder of Ascendis Capital the first Search Fund Accelerator in Mexico. We are a hybrid between Incubated and Self-funded. I’ve read articles on Self-Funded funds in the U.S.A. with economic benefits reaching 70% equity on average for the entrepreneur. We plan to use leverage debt 75% / 25% equity preferred stock with annual return 12% for the acquisitions. I also heard that HBS Search Funder community between 2007 and 2017, have gone from 36% to 62% on Self-Funded. I understand that regarding the Term Sheet for fundraising, equity investors take a preferred instrument with a lower double-digit cash coupon and a common equity warrant package. Can anyone help me to learn more about the “typical” Term Sheet between Investors and Self-Funded Search Funds? Also, if there´s a group of interested investors for Self-Funded. We have secured very interesting LOIs, with cross-border USMCA and low-touch economy covid-19 elements. My email: Best regards, Felix