I'm six months into my search, and so far, I've been surprised by the little financial and other info disclosed with the CIMs I've received. I've received a handful of very high-level one-pagers, basically back-of-the-napkin math. Further half or so of the info seems to be aspirations projections. (i.e., last year did $3M in revenue, will grow to $9M by###-###-#### no further info or anything to substantiate that).

So, along with that, I've been asked to provide a detailed personal financial statement before the one-pager. It feels inappropriate, and who knows what they do with that info, cyber security risks, etc. I get that the broker would like to speed up the vetting on his end, but isn't it my business to provide details and assurances upon LOI? I'm not overly impressed with broker interaction and knowledge, but I'm wondering what approaches searches have succeeded in, should look off-market for most of my effort, etc.