I was reading this article today. I hadn't seen an analysis like it before

I had known the stat of 1-2% SBA loans default per year, but
-- 1 in 6 SBA loans overall default
-- Landscaping is one of the industries with the highest SBA loan volume
-- ###-###-#### cumulative Landscaping loan default rate was 15.82% (1,020 defaults out of 6,449 loans)

This seemed really high. It included the time period of the great recession which probably had some landscapers exposed to residential sub-prime

Has anyone heard of done actual further analysis on the reasons for default? Some hypotheses below which are not supported by data:
---- Over-leveraged purchase (too low coverage ratio, purchase multiple was too high, etc)
---- General Buyer was unable to manage the business?
---- Too much project rather than recurring exposure?
---- Poor / incorrect diligence work? (e.g. not understanding the amount of capex replacement needed, or actual fraud in Seller representations?)
---- Loss of a major one or more clients?
---- Seller competing with buyer after 5 (or less) year non-compete expires?
---- Do smaller landscapers default more?
---- Do single-family-focused landscaping firms default more?
---- Certain areas of the country defaulting more?
---- Abnormal event puts company out of business (e.g. flood destroys facility, fire destroys customer structure, excessive snow and no cap to customer snow coverage in contract, etc)